Our co-operation was commissioned by students of the previous year. The task was to market students K-Plussa at the campuses of Turku University of Applied Sciences during one week. The project involved 8 cooperative members.

  The week was rewarding and during the week, the amount of contacts was well over the original goal set by the customer. We felt that the week was meaningful and very instructive. Generally, everyone in the project felt like they had learned to throw themselves into marketing at full speed.

It was difficult to approach people in the beginning, but after the initial engagement, I was in flames and together with my partner we easily filled our daily goals. – Zena

Within the project we visited different campuses to tell the students about this K-Plussa, and I especially learned to contact with different kinds of people. – Juha

The best thing was to develop myself and my own sales skills and to approach different people in face-to-face situations within a good cause. – Aleksi

We executed together with Osuuskunta Noxit Group a week-long Student K-Plussa campaign from 10th to 14th September, 2018. Noxit Group handled the sales work on the stand with brilliant results. During the week, Noxit demonstrated teamwork skills and expertise and could be easily trusted sales and customer service of the brand.” – Wimo Group