On this page you can get to know our energetic team and get an overview of the co-operative. To maintain an efficient work environment each member of the team has a corresponding role of his/her interests. Above all we  work as a team – supporting one another. 

Max Puhakainen
Team leader

Calm and consistent Max is ideally suited to cooperatives Team Leader’s role. Due to his social skills he enjoys both teamwork and customer encounters. Max is interested in marketing, event organizing and consumer sales. Max is also a member of the board.

Juha Vesterlund
Chairman of the board

Juha is cooperatives multi-talent and interested in everything between marketing and sales. Especially technical production is close to his heart. Juha is precise and social by his nature and these features are also beneficial in his role as a chairman of the board.

Jonas Bezzour
Sales manager

Jonas is interested in sales and works in the sales team in our cooperative. Sales-inspired Jonas is a happy and social salesman who enjoys finding creative solutions to different situations. 

Jimi Lehto

Jimi is a motivated member of our sales team. His responsibilities include customer acquisitions and various sales-related tasks. Flexible and responsible Jimi is interested in both sales and marketing. 

Lauri Ranta

Lauri wants to develop himself in many different areas. He is part of our co-operative’s sales team, but he’s also interest in marketing. He contributes to the management of the co-operative’s website. 

Katariina Tuominen
Chief financial officer

Precise and organized Katariina is particularly interested in the economics and human resource management. At present she is in charge of the cooperative’s financial affairs as a part of the finance team.

Ida Tuuva

Customer service oriented Ida has experience in accounting. Therefore she is suited for the finance team. In the future Ida is also interested in developing her skills in the human resources segment. 

Roosa Vavuli
Human resource manager, Finance

Social and conscientious Roosa is interested in human resources. Therefore, she is in her natural role as the human resource manager of our cooperative. In addition, Roosa is a part of the finance team and a board member of our government.

Rickhard Donner
Marketing manager

Rickhard is ambitious and innovative in nature and his broad interest areas include the different aspects of marketing as well as sales and leadership. Rickhard is the manager in our co-operatives marketing team. In addition, Rickhard is part of our co-operatives government.

Aleksi Tynjälä

Helpful and energetic Aleksi is interested in both marketing and sales. In particular, he is enthusiastic about various technology-related equipment and services and has brought this know-how into co-operative as a member of the marketing team. In addition, Aleksi is a board member of co-operative.

Ada Avenius
Communications manager, Marketing

Ada’s interests include communication, marketing, and writing. She works as a communications manager for the co-operative together with the marketing team. Ada’s responsibilities include updating the website and managing the visual look.

Zena Kagan

Zena is an innovative person and particularly interested in marketing and its various aspects. She wants to develop herself in this area and is therefore part of our co-operatives marketing team. Zena is keen on influencing and is also in the board of our co-operative.

Kai Kuokkanen
Quality controller, marketing

Cooperatives quality controller Kai is an outgoing customer service professional. Besides being a critical analyst he is particularly interested in developing himself in the fields of marketing and networking.