Turun Academic Women ry

In the early days of Noxit Group, we were eagerly seeking a project on event production. In the middle of September, we got an inquiry from Turun Akateemiset Naiset about organizing a seminar.

Our team of four began their actions right away, and within a week we had already booked a fine venue (Turku Officer Club) and planned technical details of streaming the event to YouTube. I was personally in charge of sound systems and their delivery to the venue.

It was great to acknowledge my own skill set in problem solving. – Lauri

I was in charge of streaming and equipment related to it. The venue itself was a bit challenging in terms of technology, but our team managed to turn problems into solutions. I received a lot of good experience regarding real-time video and audio production. – Juha

As the project manager, I received a lot of valuable experience on leadership. We, as a team, got a chance to improve our problem solving – and technical skills. Collaboration with Turku Academic Women went really well, and together with our active employees, we organized the event just the way our client wanted it. – Kai, Project Manager

Some comments from Chairwoman of Turku’s Academic Women, Maritta Tammio

Cooperation between Noxit and Organization of Turku Academic Women

Organization of Turku Academic Women has been organizing high-quality academic events for over 90 years. Supported by Finnish Academic Women’s Union (19 local associations), seminars in workplace social discussions have been organized in different locations.

Our collaboration was based on mutual interest:

1. Increasing the awareness of our association in general and among graduates.

2. Increasing the quality of members’ experience and interaction during the event. Increasing the number of viewers and download volumes on local and national social media sites, with the help of good quality streaming.

3. Getting a positive experience from the seminar through successful practical arrangements. Board members focused on personal encounters and interaction.

The planning of the event went smoothly. The cooperative was given a clear and specified task for the event: technical production.

Students put independence, responsibility and flexible situation analysis into practice, even though different solutions were not given in a common way. Students’ skills were trustable.

According to the positive feedback, the cooperation proceeded according to expectations and precisely in agreement with the instructions given.

Simplicity and functionality are part of the concept of a good event. We believe that the students also gained positive learning experience from the event, which can hopefully benefit Noxit in the future.